• New Releases! |October 8, 2011 Following the release of the Bonnie Parker poem set to music "Outlaws-Billy the Kid Meets Clyde Barrow" 7 inch on October 1, 2010 (the occasion of Bonnie Parkers' 100th birthday) Rockstar will release "Mucho Americana 1" another 7 inch from Chip Hanna. "Mucho Americana 1" includes a poem by Edgar Allan Poe "El Dorado" which is read by fellow Arizona Roughrider Dale Denton, and 2 songs: "A Vanishing Race" which was written by Johnny Cash and Johnny Horton. The flip side has another fine original "Ballad Of The Six Gun" written by Chip and another fellow Arizona Roughrider, Ed Vanderlee. Release date October 1, 2011. Hurry and place your order because they are going fast! December 7, 2007 People Like You will release the brand new Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three album in the beginning of 2008. The record will be called "Old South Jamboree" and will be available on both CD and 180g Vinyl! The talented Christoph Mueller, who made the artwork for Chippy's solo album "The Old Country", is once again hired to do the artwork. Stay tuned for more updates on the new album...

May Cause Dizziness Records just put out a new split 7" with Chip Hanna and Broadway Squad. The 7" includes two live songs and is available on white and brown vinyl. More info can be found here.

Stay Tuned!

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Chip Hanna:

Wierd World Booking, Berlin

Web Content: birdofpreydesign[at]mutinyzine[dot]com

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Chip Hanna was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is a fact you will eventually come to understand if you listen to his original material. Chippy Hanna is a country boy.

Now coming into his own musically after years of touring the world as drummer for punk stalwarts U.S. Bombs and One Man Army, Chip is returning to the roots that he never quite left, this time packin’ a flattop Martin acoustic guitar, instead of a drum kit. While born in Baton Rouge, Chippy grew up in the rural community of Pride, Louisiana.

In the woods…In a house trailer…

A house trailer that was brand-spankin’ new when he was six years old, but had seen better days by the time he left Louisiana at age 22. Chippy’s mother, Martha Hanna, would sing at country music jamborees and on the country radio station WYNK, when the station would broadcast local country music shows… Mrs. Hanna even shared the bill with Loretta Lynn once… Quite a big deal for a small child… Chip Hanna remembers every bit of it… Chip Hanna remembers his roots…

When it comes to Americana music, Chip Hanna IS the Real Deal. Equally at ease in any genre from bluegrass to honky tonk to rockabilly to psychobilly to Orange County, California street punk, as soon as he opens his mouth to sing, the listener discovers immediately:

Chip Hanna is The Real Deal.

More Information
For further information, photos, music samples & tourdates visit Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three on MySpace and Chip Hanna on Facebook 



"Old South Jamboree"
180g LP/ CD | 2008
People Like You
w/ The Berlin Three
More Info | Buy Now!
"Split w/ Broadway Squad"
Colored 7" Vinyl | 2007
May Cause Dizziness
More Info | Buy Now!
"Good Vibrations & Vicious..."
CD | 2008
No Front Teeth/ Drunk'N'Roll
Live in London
More Info | Buy Now!
"...And The Berlin Three"
LP/ CD | 2007
People Like You (EU)/ Acetate (US)
w/ The Berlin Three
More Info | Buy Now!
"The Old Country"
Limited 180g LP | 2007
Rockstar Records
Solo Album
More Info | Buy Now!
"KDAV Sunday Party"
7" | 2006
Drunk'N'Roll/ May Cause Dizziness
More Info | Buy Now!
"Sin Sorrow & Salvation"
CD | 2006
Fundamental Records
w/ Busted Hearts
More Info | Buy Now!
7" | 2006
Drunk'N'Roll/ Squoodge!!
w/ Busted Hearts
More Info | Sold Out!

Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three on Myspace | Check this page for tourdates
People Like You Records | Released the 1st Berlin Three album and "Old South Jamboree"
Drunk'N'Roll Records | Released "Bluegrass" and "KDAV Sunday Party"
May Cause Dizziness Records | Released "KDAV Sunday Party" in the U.S. and the split 7" with Broadway
Acetate Records | Released the 1st Berlin Three album in the U.S.
U.S. Bombs | Chippy played drums with these guys for a bunch of years
One Man Army | Chip played drums on the band's third album "Roumors & Headlines"
The Busted Hearts | Chip sings on the band's fullentgh record "Sin, Sorrow & Salvation"
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